Law Firm

LEGAL|SQUARE is an international project since its inception.
While Boutique Law Firm aims to accompany with rigor and professionalism, the needs of our clients.



LEGAL|SQUARE is a law firm with a unique vision, working across 5 continents to advise global clients that count on us to be by their side to address their concerns, in real time, at all times.

Rigor and excellence are the cornerstones of our reputation. Our main mission is to provide high quality and efficient client-focused advice.


LEGAL|SQUARE combines the thoroughness and professionalism of large law firms with the flexibility, agility and personalization of a boutique.

Our philosophy is simple: We believe that our clients’ concerns are our concerns.


We take any steps necessary in order to understand and successfully advance the best interests of our clients, providing bespoke and original solutions.


We pride ourselves on acting professionally and attentively while at the same time thinking boldly and globally. These characteristics make LEGAL|SQUARE a unique partner internationally.


Providing legal services presupposes the ability to see further and to risk going where others don't dare to go yet. That is why we have the confidence of our team to take initiative, challenge current standards and build new solutions that translate into the creation of value. We believe that innovation can only arise from the desire to share ideas and the desire to have a voice in matters of importance.
We are committed to helping our clients achieve their objectives by providing the highest quality legal advice, in a way that complies with the highest ethical standards. Our commitment is to exceed the best expectations of our clients.
Our secret: Talent. To offer our clients the best possible legal experience, we recruit and train the best professionals. We believe that it is by consistently providing legal services of excellence that we achieve the recognition and respect of our clients. We are therefore fully committed to maintaining an attractive work environment where talented professionals can achieve success and develop their careers.
We believe in the power of teamwork. We expect our team to be flexible and creative as well as willing to embrace new experiences and challenges with conviction. We believe above all that each team member is a fundamental part of our unity. The motivation of our team: the interests of our clients always comes first.
Clients can be assured that they will receive the same high-quality LEGAL|SQUARE experience at any time and in any part of the world. We seek to reinforce this guarantee of excellence through constant communication between our offices and by regularly promoting professional training programs for all our team. In this way, we can safely say that our structural values are in fact an important part of our genetic code and are indeed guiding principles for our decision-making process.
There is one point about which we have no doubt: being good is not enough. The high qualification and professional specialization of our team means that we have the capacity clients to respond effectively to our client’s needs, at any moment and in any place, consolidating the excellence of our offer in the combination of global standards of excellence with the excellence of the provision of local services.
Our strength lies in the dedication with which we view our partnerships beyond our core responsibilities to our clients. While we are ambitious in protecting our clients we also value the importance of making a difference in the community at large. All our team members undertake pro-bono (free legal consultation day, partnerships with social charities providing legal services and training of professionals and users) work as a way of giving back and of cementing the position of LEGAL|SQUARE within the community.